Monday, December 10, 2007

A little randomness

Well, so much for becoming a super blogger. Haha!!! After I started this thing I realized that my life is actually not at all that interesting. What in the world could I have to blog about. But then I figured that it doesn't really matter if some big life altering thing happens to me or not, I'm just going to blog about the small random things that happen. Perhaps there will be something interesting, perhaps not. But like it says in the title of my little blog page, this is "my reality".

So I commute to San Francisco for work. This morning it took 1 hour and 45 minutes from door to door. It normally doesn't take that long, but I've decided that unless there is a family emergency, then there really isn't much that's worth hurrying for. Anyway, once I get into the city I walk from the train station to my office. It usually takes 30 minutes or so. This morning I stopped for a Starbucks Grande Peppermint Hot Chocolate with fat free milk and no whip. Not as sweet and rich as the regular full fat kind, but much lower in all those unwanted calories. It was so yummy and hot, especially on this chilly morning. So there I am, walking down 3rd Street past the Moscone Convention Center, feeling very cool and hip with my Starbucks Peppermint Hot Chocolate and I pass by the loading docks. There is a semi-truck stopped on the side of the road having just made a deliver. Not at all strange or uncommon. I barely noticed it. But as I pass I turn to see that in the drivers seat of this huge semi-truck is none other than your average gray haired grandma, revving up the engine, getting ready to drive her truck through the streets of San Francisco. Now if you've never driven in San Francisco or any other big city for that matter, you don't know that navigating those streets in a regular sized car can be a harrowing experience, especially during morning commute traffic. But there was this grandma not only driving truck, but driving truck in San Francisco. I was impressed. Maybe I should have been a little scared with grandma behind the wheel, but I just had this image of this sweet little gray haired grandma having a Jekyll and Hyde moment and turning into a "don't mess with me, dude" kind of person. Seriously! She was a cute little grandma. You know, the type who sit and play bridge on Thursday nights and go get there hair set at the beauty parlor every Friday. I don't know why I still let things shock me in this city. So for anyone out there who uses the traffic as an excuse to not come to they city... suck it up, man! If grandma can do it, than so can you!